Classwork Wednesday, March 18th

Click on the photo. This a message for you!

Let’s keep on working today.
Do you remember words describing people or things and words describing actions?

Remember, the green words describe people and things, and the blue words describe actions.

Now, complete these activities. Then, check your answers.

Adverbs 2, una ficha interactiva de helenyanuk

It’s time to play an online memory game to revise Past Simple! Click on the link to play!

Finally, you’ll write your exit ticket. Write a sentence as a comment of the post USING A WORD THAT DESCRIBES A PERSON AND A WORD THAT DESCRIBES AN ACTION!

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24 Responses to Classwork Wednesday, March 18th

  1. srocha says:

    i am fast
    i run quickly

  2. feli says:

    I ´m a fast runner but I walk carefully in the streets when I go to school. FELI

  3. TAUO says:


  4. Sofi B says:

    my sister is slow
    she runs slowly

  5. Milagros Peruilh says:

    I sing a loud voice
    I sing loudly

  6. TOTA says:

    I am careful, I walk carefully so I don t fall.

  7. Nico says:

    I run fast but when I cross the street I walk carefully

  8. Maria Victoria Marquez says:

    My sister is beautiful
    She shouts loudly

  9. mechibissone says:

    My mother runs slow.
    I cook very well.


  10. alfon says:

    I am a good player in PS4.
    I play very well in PS4.

  11. sofi says:

    Tini is beautiful
    I run fast

  12. sofi a says:

    Tini is beautiful
    I run fast

  13. cata says:

    I am blond. I can dance quickly

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