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9 Responses to I LIKE TO COLLECT

  1. Silvestre says:

    hello the video that I liked the most is Nico’s because I like the same

  2. Santi says:

    hello Marcos, i liked your video. i like to play football very much!

  3. Marcos Bietti says:

    Hello Santi I like your video because we played a lot of times with your cards. Do you remember in cuba Palermo with Nico?

  4. Benita Marín says:

    I like Sere’s collection Because She collects beautiful objects
    BENITA 😘😀😀😀

  5. Nico says:

    Hello, I like Silver’s collection because it is very funny.

  6. Mili says:

    Helou sere i like yor viriou wih interesant.😙😙

  7. sofi a says:

    Hello sofi b. and mili I like yours videos because I loved yours things

  8. Mili says:

    Sofi annecca i like yor viriou weh interesant.😘😘😚

  9. Mili says:

    Sofi annecca i like yor viriou weh interesant

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