Dante’s Special Day

Watch and enjoy Dante’s Special Day presentation!! Leave a comment after watching it.

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18 Responses to Dante’s Special Day

  1. feli says:

    I like your spellal day becouse I love legos

  2. tota says:

    Hi Dante i love your special day

  3. Marcos says:

    I love your legos dante

  4. Owen says:

    I love to the spesial day

  5. Valen says:

    dante!!!!! that was incredible. it looked like a movie!!!

  6. Coca says:

    I love you’re special day

  7. Soso.B says:

    Dante you speak very very good english and i love your legos

  8. SANTI says:

    your video is great!
    i loveddddddd it!

  9. Santos says:

    I love your special day becouse your LEGO has a lot of fun, it’s very good the edition, your LEGO history it is very well and the form of that legó it’s wonderful 😛😛😛

  10. silvestre says:

    dante! was sow much fun! thanks for the movie.

  11. BENITA says:

    I love your shou And tell

  12. Mili says:

    dante your spesial dai is fantastic

  13. NICO says:

    dante: your special day is good

  14. Pedro says:

    ¡I lovit Dante! ¡You are veri incredible! ¡I wait your movie!

  15. VICEN says:

    dante mencanto tu espesial day

  16. MATI.C says:

    It was incredivble.

  17. matilde padilla says:

    i love your special day

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